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 How It Works

We’re there for you every step of the way.

Separate is a supportive DIY divorce solution to help you to complete all of your legal paperwork and to make the decisions that you need to make as you fill them out.

Although you’re in control, you’re never alone.

Our Divorce Guides help you with paperwork. We connect you with vetted attorneys and financial planners the moment you need help.


See if you qualify.

Take this simple five-question eligibility quiz. As long as you qualify, we guide you the rest of the way, saving you money and giving you the peace of mind of knowing you can still get legal support along the way, without paying a lawyer retainer.

We make the first step easy, since we know this is an emotional process and you need to go one step at a time to get this done.


File for Divorce

Proceed through our guided interface and learn all that you need to know as you fill out your forms…all at your own pace. Think Turbo Tax… for divorce.

You’ll have access to our divorce law Knowledge Base, you can chat with a member of our staff, or you can ask to be connected to a lawyer at any time you need help.

Our Starter Plan offers all this support, and if you sign up for our Get-It-Done Plan, once you complete your forms, we save you the headache of waiting in line at the courthouse to file and the awkwardness of having papers delivered to your spouse by doing this all for you; usually within one business day.


Finalize Your Agreement.

Through our Get-It-Done Plan, we provide you the tools that you need to structure agreements with your spouse. If you need help with contentious or complicated topics, we help by putting you in touch with the right professional to get further clarification, strategize, or brainstorm.

Our Get-It-Done divorce system is designed for “limited-scope” legal help so you can avoid paying a retainer fee to hire one of our professionals on the network.

You save thousands of dollars while still getting top-notch legal support. All lawyers and financial planners on our network are vetted by us, charge only for the time that you use, and provide free initial consultations.

Watch a Video from Separate Founder Sandro Tuzzo

“I’m a divorce lawyer, but I knew there was a less expensive and more intelligent way.”

- Sandro Tuzzo

Compare Divorce Costs

Average cost of a divorce run by lawyers: $15.5K

Separate saves you money by empowering you to do most of this yourself. You’re never alone because we are always here to guide you.

  • Stuff you need a lawyer for 10%
    (legal research & analysis, complicated property divisions, agreement review)
  • Stuff you can do yourself with our support 90%
    (fill out court forms, divide most property, decide on a custody schedule, serve, file & track documents)

File for divorce and get started from the comfort of your home.

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